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Fight Club.

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The platform ensures a fair and transparent betting environment, leveraging blockchain technology to guarantee the integrity of each match.
To amplify the experience, Fight Club live-streams these captivating battles on platforms like YouTube and X.com, allowing a global audience to witness the intensity of each match. This innovative approach not only enhances user engagement but also promotes the widespread adoption of blockchain-based gaming and betting. Get ready to join the Fight Club community for an adrenaline-pumping fusion of eSports and decentralized finance!

How Do I Compete?

Involve yourself with ease.

Fight Club’s tournaments promise a diverse and electrifying gaming experience, featuring household favorites like Dragon Ball FighterZ, Tekken, Street Fighter, and even Super Smash Bros. This inclusion of iconic titles ensures broad appeal, attracting fans from various gaming communities to participate in the intense competitions.

Participants can showcase their skills and strategies across different genres, creating a dynamic and engaging atmosphere within the Fight Club community. Whether you’re a fan of 2D fighters, 3D brawlers, or the beloved Super Smash Bros. series, Fight Club offers a platform for enthusiasts to compete at the highest level and vie for Ethereum prize pools.



In the innovative tokenomics of Fight Club, the updated tax structure allocates 4% of transactions strategically to fuel the ecosystem’s growth and sustainability. Among this, a 1% share is now dedicated to marketing initiatives, ensuring continuous promotion and awareness of Fight Club tournaments and betting functionalities. This increased allocation enables the platform to reach new audiences, expand its community, and maintain a vibrant user base.

Simultaneously, 2% of the revised tax directly contributes to the prize pool funding, enhancing the allure of tournaments and attracting top-tier talent. This commitment to bolstering prize pools not only rewards skilled participants but also incentivizes competitive gameplay, fostering an environment that keeps the community engaged and invested.

Additionally, a 1% allocation to the liquidity pool is now in place to ensure the stability and liquidity of the Fight Club token. This reserve plays a crucial role in safeguarding against price volatility and supporting smooth transactions within the ecosystem. A robust liquidity pool now contributes to the overall health and functionality of the token, enhancing the user experience for all participants.


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YouTube, X & Twitch.

The live-streamed matches on YouTube, Twitch and X.com not only elevate the status of participants but also transform these tournaments into global spectacles. As fans tune in to watch their favorite games played at a competitive level, Fight Club becomes a central hub for eSports entertainment, further propelling the integration of blockchain technology into the gaming and betting landscape. Get ready for a fusion of iconic titles and decentralized excitement in the world of Fight Club!

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